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There is much to be said about preparing meals, their taste, smell, spices…

Nothing colours life better than good food. All of the meals prepared in Guzkówka are made from the best products from neighbouring farms. We use only the good olives, the fish come from nearby lakes and we smoke them ourselves. Our recipes are a compilation of old patterns and our own ideas.


Different season, different meals :

In Spring

–        we make birch juice

–        cold vegetable soup with dill, eggs and cream

–        galettes with acaccia flower covered with maple syrup

–        broccoli soup with toasts

–        trout baked with onion

In Summer

–       village potatoes

–       dumplings filled with buckwheat and cottage cheese

–       dumplings filled with strawberries or cherries and cream

–       fried eggs, fresh potatoes with sour milk

–       minestrone soup from kaszubian vegetables

–       fruit soup

–      homemade bread

–       jams, plum juices, apple mousses and vinegars

In Autumn

–       meat wrapped with grape leaves

–       pork tenderloins with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese

–      „new” chicken soup with chopped garlic and cream ( but don’t worry – we also have the traditional version available


In Winter

–                    chicken soup or beetroot soup with dumplings

–                    Stasiu’s stew

–                    Hungarian soup with „an egg in a shirt”

–                    porkneck baked in rosemary

–                    potato cake with cream

–                    smoked fish, homemade bread and pickled cucumbers