Nearly 50 years ago our grandfather Jan Guzek, after returning from war, chose this place for his family to live. Through the years he managed to rearrange this sandy, kaszubian hill so perfectly, that today it is an oasis of peace among the pine forests.

The first Guzkówka was Odrzykoń – my grandfather’s birth place. We „moved” Guzkówka to Kaszuby – to be even more precise – our grandpa created it in Sycowa Huta, while he missed the beloved Odrzykoń. Five years ago my mother gave us half of her estate. The house that me and my husband built could not be named differenty. The picture shows how the place that is today’s Guzkówka looked like in the fifties. The rest of the pictures – my grandparents Jan and Jadwiga, great grandparents -Wojciech and Tekla, me and my granfather and me and my son Maciej who is now an adult.