For kids

We welcome parents with children

We try to create a climat suitable for families with children. There are many interesting places to see nearby :

Heritage Park in Wdzydze where ethnographers recreated rural cottages, the school and show how the people used to live in the old times.

        In Kościerzyna –7 km from Guzkówka there is one of a kind collection of old rail vehicles. It is a great adventure for kids. The museum is open all year round.

Sourounding lakes – and there are many of them – give plenty of opportunities to spend the time.

Modern swimming pool in Kościerzyna – great for rainy or snowy days

Especially for children:

–       For parents with small kids we have touristic beds – suitable for children under 3

–       We rent „an electric nanny”, and put a tall wooden chair for the child to enjoy the meal with the parents

–       Children are bored when it is raining that is why we have arranged a special play room where we have toys, board games, colouring pencils, etc.

–       Smoking is forbidden inside the house, and we can always modify our menu to be suitable for our little Guests.

–       We have a couple of little life jackets so that children can enjoy boat and canoe trips with their parents. From our lake Żołnowo you can take a trip down the river up to Wdzydze.

         From this or any other point we can pick the boat up and bring the Guests back to the house.

–       We also have a little bicycle (to 6 years old).

–       On the playground outside the house there is a sandpit and a swing set.

–        The neighbourhood is very interesting and we are always pleased to help you with where to sightsee…but a parental invention is the most important afterall.