Because we want to live in harmony with nature and save precious energy resources, we kindly ask you to keep in mind when staying in Guzków:

The organic remnants were thrown into the intendent trash cans in the kitchen
Plastics and papers to the yellow container at the gate
Turn off unnecessary energy sources
Turn off devices that do not have to be switched on non-stop (tv, laptop)
Load cell phones at night (then II tariff and current is cheaper) –
According to the resolution of the commune council Kościerzyna – when settling the stay – we charge the so-called. Local fee of 2.00 / per day of your stay per person. This fee is paid to the Koscierzyna Commune Council

Prices for HOT SEASON – from 16 April to 30 September –
Food always included (breakfast + dinner)

Stay 2-3 days

Accommodation with breakfast and dinner 170, – / person / day

Extra bed with breakfast and dinner 115, – / person / day

Children up to 3 years – free

Stay over 3 days

Accommodation with breakfast and dinner 150, – / person / day

Extra bed with breakfast and dinner – 100, – / person / day

Children up to 3 years free

Prices for LOW SEASON – from 1 October 2016. Until April 15, 2016. (Excluding the period from 20 XII 2016 – 7 I 2017.

120zł / person / day – children up to 3 years free – extra bed 100zł / day

Stay always with food (breakfast + dinner)

Time of visit:
The rooms are at your disposal on the day of arrival. 14 o’clock
Please release the room until 12th on the day of departure
Unless … we will agree on other terms beforehand


Call us :

Call us at 601 406 176
Adam Pniewski
83-406 Wąglikowice
Sycowa Huta 29

Account number:

BZWBK: 67 1090 2620 0000 0001 3399 8357
The reservation will be valid from the date of the deposit to the deposit account of 30% of the amount of the stay – the remaining amount of the stay will be charged in cash on the day of your arrival.

Sorry, but –

In case of cancellation of stay, the deposit is non-refundable and we also do not refund the unused days.
We settle on your arrival date
We do not accept payment cards