two on the work train

This thesis describes the development of a numerical modelling strategy for simulating the flow around a shrouded spiral bevel gear. The strategy is then applied to a series of parametric variations of key shroud parameters. The shroud and gear in question are generic, although based upon those employed in the internal gear box of a Rolls Royce aeroengine.

Andrews (1987) contends that a favorable public perception is a needed element in sustaining a profession, and the sustaining process should involve continuous marketing of the profession and its services to the general public as well as professional peers. Additionally, according to Roff and Klemmack (1983), perceptions of Social Workers can be an indirect measure of the potential support for a variety of social services. Public perceptions also significantly impact upon individual willingness to seek assistance from Social Workers and similar helping professionals (Andersen Newman, 1973; Von Sydow Reimer, 1998).

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The Tour of Alberta will begin with a Prologue to showcase the racers with a one at a time individual time trial through Alberta’s capital city, where racers fight for seconds for the right to wear the first ever Tour of Alberta leader’s jersey. Starting and finishing at Sir Winston Churchill Square in the heart of downtown Edmonton, this eight kilometre course will be covered by the individual cyclists in less than 10 minutes. However, those 10 minutes will be action packed as spectators will see racers navigate tight neighborhoods, bomb down Grierson Hill at 80 kilometres an hour, or fight their way up the climb from the North Saskatchewan river valley through the Alberta Legislature grounds back to downtown.

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